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Interesting Combinations using a three card system for courts

Had been just working through my deck in threes. And realised just how interesting some of the three card-ers were.

In the first place, as an email, once I read three cards, we read in a way that is specific that we find helpful – specially with courts. It is adapted from the Personal Prophecy system.

Say you’ve got three cards. 1, 2 and 3.

If card 3 is a court, we ALWAYS [as a querant] share the communications of cards 1 and 2 with that individual. If card 3 is a court, it is usually somebody else.

If card 2 is a court, we ALWAYS share the message of card 1 with that individual. If card 2 is a court, it will always be somebody else. Card 3 is really what the court in card 2 carries. It really is their thing. Their intention. So if the ‘King of Cups’ was in position 2 and held the ‘Empress’ as card 3, we would determine which he ended up being a caring and nurturing person. It really is just like getting a snapshot of the focus or what they need to fairly share with us. I usually consider card 3 because their backpack, if card 2 is a court.