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What’s Your Chosen Gay App? Imagine if You Couldn’t Have?

As nations across the world celebrate Pride Month, Apple’s App shop in Asia has eliminated 27 LGBTQ+ apps reports show. It’s unknown whether or not the apps had been eliminated in a preemptive way or if Apple caved into the needs regarding the oppressive government that is chinese.

“the U.S.-based Fight for the Future, an advocacy team for electronic rights, and China-based GreatFire, a nonprofit company that tracks censorship in Asia, reveals that just Saudi Arabia has more LGBTQ+ apps unavailable within their App shop. Based on the two groups’ jointly-published report on Monday, the App shop allows government censorship of LGBTQ+ apps in 152 nations, in stark contrast to Apple’s pro-LGBTQ+ efforts in the U.S.”

Benjamin Ismail (he/him), GreatFire’s advocacy and campaign manager and Apple Censorship task coordinator, told Protocol:

“It is our presumption that Apple’s place in numerous nations varies and that the organization seems convenient to ignore/refuse/delay some governments’ needs than the others, The developers that are few talked to us told us that after they discovered the software had not been available, they didn’t you will need to discuss it with Apple, thinking it might maybe maybe not alter such a thing.