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Chinese Hackers Created Fake Twitter Profiles to Spy on Journalists, Uyghur Activists

Chinese hackers utilized facebook that is fake to spy on Uyghur activists, reporters and dissidents from Asia’s Xinjiang area, the business announced on Wednesday.

Facebook said the hacking procedure additionally targeted people staying in Turkey, Kazakhstan, the U.S., Syria, Australia and Canada. As a whole, fewer than 500 everyone was affected.

The hackers attempted to achieve usage of computer systems and phones by producing fake Facebook pages that had been meant to attract a Uyghur market, the Associated Press reported.

The hackers created look-alike websites and accounts that were almost identical to legitimate news sites popular with Uyghur Muslims across the Xinjiang region in some cases.

Those fake reports included harmful links that contaminated computer systems and smart phones if clicked, which may then let the hackers to get access and spy on devices.

“They tried to produce these personas, build trust in the neighborhood, and usage that in order to fool people into simply clicking these links to reveal their products,” Nathaniel Gleicher, Twitter’s mind of protection policy, told reporters on Wednesday.

For lots more reporting from Newsweek, see below.

Xinjiang hosts approximately 11 million Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim-Turkic ethnic minority.

The report that is hacking Twitter follows a long-standing worldwide and peoples liberties concern alleging that Asia has put over 1 million Uyghurs along with other Muslim minorities into detainment camps, and forces visitors to work against their will.