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Stoic assistance: can a sales agent be a Stoic? So a first response to your query is that a salesman.

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D. publishes: just how should a practising Stoic ethically means her perform when it involves rhetoric, persuading people and accomplishing deals, e.g. salesperson, writer, etc.? this might furthermore apply to grant creators, solicitors and the like.

Thats a really good doubt, but envision discover an overall solution, however there might be appreciable variations in tips apply it one of the occupations a person record, as well as others which will fall under alike concept.

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Well-known method to approach it is via Epictetus part ethics, as superbly elucidate by my pal Brian Johnson with his The function Ethics of Epictetus: Stoicism in Ordinary Daily life, which I talked about about web log in a 6-part line. Because you can remember, Epictetus separates among roles we are given unintentionally or circumstance (e.g., being someones kid), jobs that people determine (e.g., our personal job), and all of our foundational character as members of the human being cosmopolis.