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Eyes On With Naughty America’s VR Porn

We strapped on a headset and took a trip because of the next generation of adult content.

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LAS VEGASWe Have abs. There is also a nude girl writhing I have abs on me, but honestly, I’m equally surprised.

This is basically the future of porn: strapping on a Samsung Gear VR($29.99 at Amazon) headset to feel just like you are really within the adult content. I acquired this demo at CES from dirty America, an important conventional porn studio that currently has 26 VR scenes being offered.

NA is not really the only VR porn studio, but it is the biggest title producing content now. The VR porn is point-of-view, this means it’s shot as you’re a person sitting in a chair, the topic of different ministrations that are erotic. You have got a body that is surrogatedetailed with abs), and you may look up, down, or just around although the scene plays down, even though you can not really connect to it. It is intense.

We saw three test scenes, which took benefit associated with 180-degree viewpoint and 3D level making it actually feel just like the performers had been into the roomcoming right at you, as they say.