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Strange Journal Questions You Can Response: How Come Isn’t Truth Be Told There a Grindr for Lesbians?

This line from inside the parent this morning really very have myself scraping the brain. Issue presented is, how comen’t here a version of Grindr or something the same for lesbians?

Present the background for those that do not know. Grindr are a location based social networks app for iPhones, iPads, actually something that operates iOS (there’s a Facebook model for every individual otherwise besides). This specifically targeted at the homosexual marketplace. At main, below every single amazing features, it really is basically a method of warning additional individuals who use the very same products to the fact that “i am gay but’m in this article!”.

Below getting a club, restaurant, wherever it occurs that you are (since GPS equipment plus a mapping solution recognizes they) and more recorded in know you’re, perhaps take a look at your very own page determine whether are gay and let me reveal a enough reasons to take the few ways over to bring in themselves.

Grindr might a big, large, reach as truly will never surprise anyone whatever.

But what our personal reporter is wondering is the reason isn’t really present much the same app f0r lesbians? There certainly is, of course, a nascent product or service from your very same team known as Blendr for heterosexuals: why certainly is the lezzie a section of the LGBT people being left call at cold weather?